The Farm

The certified organic Marrugio Farm, spreads across three plots each close to the towns of Montefiascone, Viterbo and Vetralla for a total of 45 hectares.

The crops range from vineyards, olive trees, hazelnut groves and orchards, to vegetables and herbs.

Sausages are produced from the “Cinta Senese ” and “Arusia ” breed of pigs, which live in open surroundings of the San Venanzo farm (approximately 80 hectares) in the province of Terni (Umbria).

The Marrugio also breeds sheep, rabbits and donkeys; the latter serving as pets.

The strict organic cultivation techniques followed by our organization allow us to obtain products that not only respect the environment, but also preserve the flavours and characteristics of times past.

Our production:

  • IGT wines: one white and three red
  • Extra virgin olive oil and spiced oils
  • Pork products (ham, pork loin, sausage, bacon , pork jowl)
  • Sheep and cow milk cheeses, spiced and seasoned in deep pits and caves
  • Jams and compotes
  • Fresh and toasted hazelnuts as well as other products derived from them
  • Fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables